The Kaufman Realty Team (KRT):

The Kaufman Realty Team brings together a layered skillset and experiences that provide the difference that give our clients the edge to stay ahead in an ever changing and competitive landscape. Our team members bring varied professional and multicultural backgrounds.  Our professional backgrounds combine real estate law, mergers & acquisitions, environmental surveying, engineering, mixed use multi disciplined real estate development, construction, psychology and data analytics.

Our years of experience, and intimate market knowledge of the immediate Boston metro and western suburbs position our team to not just be a broker but a value add strategic partner when it comes down to one of the largest and most personal financial decisions you make. 

In this fast paced, sound byte, Instagram, Twitter, instant gratification world we take the time to slow down, listen to our clients, develop and implement a tailored plan and execute as a team. The proof is in the results.